Terra Mater Studios Climbs into Top 10 Factual Production Companies Worldwide

Terra Mater Studios have climbed the ranks in the factual production companies’ world, securing a spot in the Realscreen Top 10 list.

Photo: Leopard Dynasty

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement! What makes it even more special? We’re the only non-American or British company on the list! We’re making waves in the industry with our dedication to producing outstanding natural history and wildlife content. In 2023 alone, we produced more than 30 hours of captivating content. Our upcoming titles, including “Big Cats, Small World” and “Leopard Dynasty“, are set to excite audiences worldwide.

Big Cats, Small World

Founded in 2011 by Walter Köhler, Terra Mater Studios have consistently pushed the boundaries of factual storytelling. Our dedication to innovation shines through initiatives like Terra Mater Wild, a FAST channel featuring the highlights of our wildlife catalog, and our green efforts such as employing local crew members, which were established well before the pandemic. As we celebrate this milestone, we’re grateful for the support of our global creative network and the dedication of our team. Here’s to many more groundbreaking achievements in the world of factual productions!