Terra Mater WILD

October 2023: Terra Mater Studios are happy to announce Terra Mater WILD, a joint nature and wildlife FAST channel by Autentic and Terra Mater Studios.

The FAST channel features Terra Mater Studios’ blue-chip wildlife productions alongside select third-party wildlife and nature content. The channel will launch on November 15th, and will be available on Samsung TV Plus in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will expand to additional platforms.

FAST channels are nothing new to Autentic: Terra Mater WILD will be the sixth channel in their portfolio.


Patrick Hörl, managing director and founder of Autentic, said: “Terra Mater Studios’ commitment to producing exceptional wildlife content in combination with Autentic’s experience in the channel business is truly a perfect fit. We are excited to further strengthen our successful partnership and aim to captivate audiences with awe-inspiring natural history documentaries that not only educate but also leave a lasting impact.”

Walter Köhler, CEO and founder of Terra Mater Studios, added: “The rise of FAST has been evident for several years now, and the desire for natural history content on this platform is immense. With Terra Mater’s extensive library of 300-plus hours of critically acclaimed natural history programming and Autentic’s channel-building expertise, it was only natural for us to collaborate on the launch of our joint FAST channel, Terra Mater WILD. We’re excited to soon make our debut on Samsung TV Plus, a premium provider, and look forward to expanding our partnership in the future.”