Of Whales and Lions; two feature premieres in Autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 was a premiere-filled season for Terra Mater Studios: early September saw the Austrian premiere of PATRICK AND THE WHALE at Filmcasino Vienna, which was attended by not only the Terra Mater Studios team behind the film, but also by one of the main characters, Patrick Dykstra, and director/editor Mark Fletcher. The premiere tickets sold out so quickly that a second showing for the day had to be added. To the delight of many, the showing was followed by a Q&A with key personnel. Patrick then went on a tour to select screening dates at cinemas throughout Austria.

Patrick Dystrka surrounded by an excited premiere crowd. Patrick and the Whale premiere at Filmcasino Vienna. Production and film team as well as co-main star Patrick Dykstra.


Towards the end of October, yet another feature of Terra Mater Studios, THE BASTARD KING, celebrated its Austrian premiere at Apollo Kino Vienna. The event was attended by cinematographer/director Owen Prümm, as well as internationally renowned actor and narrator of the film’s German version, Tom Wlaschiha. The screening was again followed by a Q&A, and again the audience seized their chances to ask questions.

German narrator Tom Wlaschiha and director Owen Prümm face the press.
© Andreas Tischler
Welcome screen in the cinema hall. Production and film team alongside German narrator Tom Wlaschiha at the Austrian premiere of THE BASTARD KING.
© Andreas Tischler