The Bastard King


The Bastard King chronicles the life of a lion from cub to adulthood – battling against an unimaginable enemy that is ravaging his world. This visually stunning journey challenges traditional storytelling serving as an allegory for endangered species… and our very own fate.

Shot over ten years in a remote area of Africa, we walk with the Bastard King – a lion cub born with heterochromia – one eye yellow, the other blue – the result of a taboo union between the Blue-Eyed and Yellow-Eyed prides.

THE BASTARD KING is a clarion call for help, that resonates with racial disharmony and environmental impact beyond any single individual’s ability to grasp and solve. With hybridized storytelling, the film sets out to unite the view point that time is running out, not just for the king of the beasts, but for all mankind.