2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards

August 2021: TMFS are honoured to announce that “The Witness is a Whale” has been named a finalist at the 2021 Jackson Wild Media Awards in the Science in Nature/Long Form category. This thrilling documentary paints a new picture on how whales were at the heart of a global web, connected to everything – and once filled the oceans.
“The Witness is a Whale” is a co-production of Spindrift Images, Terra Mater Factual Studios and Mark Fletcher Productions.

The giant screen special “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” has been nominated in the Educational/Information category. The film features the first-ever cinematic account of this little known land where people can experience a world untouched by time.
“The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” is a Terra Mater Factual Studios Production in Co-Production with Campion Advocacy Fund and in association with Florian Schulz Productions.

Two nominations, for Original Music Score and Writing respectively, were bestowed onto the outstanding feature film production “The Bastard King”, a clarion call for help, that resonates with racial disharmony and environmental impact beyond any single individual’s ability to grasp and solve. With hybridized storytelling, the film sets out to unite the view point that time is running out, not just for the king of the beasts, but for all mankind.
“The Bastard King” is a Terra Mater Factual Studios & Bonne Pioche Télévision & Shibumi Films Coproduction.