Sirna Mara David-Lalic

Curious about what we do? In need of an appointment with CEO Walter Köhler or COO Dinah Czezik-Müller? As Assistant to CEO & COO, Sirna should be your first choice when it comes to getting in touch with Terra Mater Studios’ Management.

Sirna coordinates meetings with national and international partners and takes care of all aspects of office management. Beside that, she is responsible for the company’s festival submissions, making her the bearer of good festival news at TMS.

Before joining Terra Mater Studios in October 2018, Sirna had a long and very diverse way of education. Her technical profession is cabinetmaker, she studied Landscape Architecture at the BOKU Vienna and worked independently as a fashion agent in the past. In the media- and culture-sector Sirna gained experience at the Wiener Festwochen, Viennale and other cultural festivals in Vienna. So be aware: by getting in touch with Sirna, you’re dealing with a highly creative and immensely adaptable person!