Terra Mater Studios

Founded January 1st, 2011, Terra Mater Studios is the new home of the internationally acclaimed former production team of UNIVERSUM, ORF’s Natural History Unit, and is based in Vienna.

The company is a subsidiary company of Red Bull and specialises in factual production and distribution for cinema, TV and multimedia platforms.

Dr Walter Köhler CEO comments, “We will invest a lot of our energy in strengthening the output in our core genres – wildlife, science and history, but will move on to create top-end productions for the big screen and develop new and innovative factual formats for every media platform. Together with our worldwide partners we want to make Terra Mater Studios a brand which is recognised throughout the world for its unmatched quality: for visual excellence and storytelling of the highest level.”

In October 2021, Terra Mater Studios set up its first subsidiary in Germany. Terra Mater Studios Germany aims at developing and producing a wide media portfolio, spanning from TV, to Online, and Theatrical.

In the beginning of 2022, the company saw an adaptation of their name and logo: what once were Terra Mater Factual Studios are now Terra Mater Studios with an even more distinct portfolio of fiction, factual, formats, digital content, media labs and beyond.