Josepha Müller-Hartburg

Josepha, Sustainability Manager and Production Coordinator at Terra Mater Studios, grew up in Vienna and made her first step into the film industry by successfully completing an acting school in Vienna. She then went on to complete a Bachelor-Degree in Film-Media and Theatre Sciences at the University of Vienna. After graduating, Josepha decided to change positions and work behind the camera, where she curated and helped produce and organize several film festivals. She continued her career at two film productions in Berlin & Vienna, working as a Production Assistant and Junior Producer, respectively.

Being responsible for various topics simultaneously, Josepha daily challenges herself by continuously learning, creating and connecting people. Growing up in a multicultural family, as half Chiliean and half Austrian, she has always been keen on speaking different languages and getting to know various cultures.

Working as the film production coordinator at Terra Mater Studios she constantly motivates her to discover more and gain substantial knowledge on an expert level regarding film production. Lately, Josepha started supporting Nina Holler in the „green department“ to start the process of making TMS a sustainable and green production company.