Ivo Filatsch - Senior Producer

Ivo Filatsch

Ivo is Terra Mater Studios’ space cowboy: He is hooked on stars, galaxies and black holes and, to him, the sky is no limit. So, it may come as no surprise that Ivo is a true Science Fiction fan, too.

Not least because of his special interest for topics that are out of this world, Ivo was the Executive Producer for one of Terra Mater Studios’ most successful and prestigious productions to date: the multi-award-winning science TV documentary ‘David Attenborough’s Light on Earth’, which presents the seemingly otherworldly realm of bioluminescent creatures.

However, Ivo has also quite a “down to earth” approach – especially, when it comes to meteorites that are hitting our planet, or to the amazing spectacle of the Aurora, the polar lights: Ivo was the writer and director of the two respective TMS productions, ‘Aurora – Fire in the Sky’ and ‘Meteor Menace’.

Aside from producing, Ivo is overseeing a lot of blue-chip natural history shows and series. Being a loving “dad” of two Maine Coon cat sisters, he has a very personal connection to big cats; therefore, it’s a real privilege and pleasure for him to be the EP for an amazing and ambitious production: the three-part series ‘Okavango – River of Dreams’ – a special gem in natural history filmmaking, and yet another highlight in TMS’ extensive catalogue.

Before joining Terra Mater Studios, Ivo worked as an editor, writer and director for the science department of the ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster, for almost two decades. He produced many stories for several science TV magazines and was involved in the development of new programs. He joined the ORF Natural History Unit as an Executive Producer, before leaving to share the TMS team’s vision.