Eva Schmidt - Head of Program Development

Eva Schmidt

As Head of Digital & Communications, Eva manages Terra Mater Studios’ online and social media business, executes the internal and external communications and oversees all marketing activities for the internationally acclaimed company. Since spring 2019, she and her team run the digital channels of TMS, transferring the conservation- and environment-conscious commitment of the company to YouTube and Instagram (coming fall 2019). Furthermore, Eva is working together closely with the management team and often deals with strategically significant projects. Before her maternity leave in 2015, she managed TMS’ department of Factual Entertainment & Format Development, where she and her team developed and produced new, innovative programs for the national and international market.

25 years of experience in the television- and advertisement-industry, as well as a master’s degree in journalism provide the basis for Eva to precisely sense what the audience wants, how the story should be told and where and when a project should be communicated. For almost a decade she created and produced a wide variety of television programs in the Program Development Department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). In 2007, she moved to ORF’s science department, heading the weekly Science Magazine Program. In 2011, Eva joined Terra Mater Studios and has been a staff member since the very beginning of the company.