Elisa Mourao-Fischer

Elisa is the Social Media Manager in the Digital & Communications Department. She’s the brain behind every social media post. It doesn’t matter which platform we are talking about. She collects every in-house project, new YouTube videos, events, behind-the-scenes, sustainability tips, and unique shots made by our team and then mixes everything to create engaging and inspiring content for our channels.

Her career started in 2012, and her debut was already with social media and online marketing. Her first job was at Globo, Latin America’s biggest communication company; after that, she navigated through different industries. She worked in a publisher, in an online course, and also within the app industry. Always on or behind the camera, producing video and written content to raise brand awareness and build a loyal community.

Elisa was born and raised in the Cidade Maravilhosa, aka Rio de Janeiro. She moved to London, where she did her Master’s Degree in Film and Screen Cultures, and since then, she has been in Austria. Elisa considers herself a multicultural person, always curious to learn about new cultures and places. She’s also a music lover, which means she needs a soundtrack for every single task she does, just biking to work or preparing her next social media post for Terra Mater Studios.