Christopher Köhler

Christopher works as Assistant producer in the Digital Department at Terra Mater Studios. He is a vital part of the busy YouTube unit, keeping things running smoothly and the editorial calendar up to date. Research, script development, editing, footage search, project management and much more make up his daily business.

When Christopher joined TMS in 2019, he started in the Specialist Factual Department, where he worked on documentaries like “Magic Moments – The Spell of Nature”, or “Perfect Parenting – How to raise your young”, an award-winning film about the complexities of animal parenting. He studied biology at the University of Vienna and before that, he went to Namibia where he completed an internship at the Harnas Wildlife Foundations Voluntary Program. And there it happened, that Christopher was drawn in front of the camera – for the factual entertainment series “Harnas – Wildlife Rescue Camp” (2011-2015).

When not thinking about how to weave an exciting story in the realms of nature, Christopher loves to explore other worlds. Be it through a good book, a new TV series, a story-driven videogame or, quite old-school, at a table rolling some D20s.