Berend Dreier

Getting jaw-dropping films from Austria onto the world stage – that’s what Berend has been most interested in since he entered the TV distribution business many years ago. In his role as Director Co-Productions and Sales, he works with an ever-growing number of international partners for co-productions and pre-sales and manages the sales of Terra Mater Studios’ portfolio in order to generate the funds necessary to keep the quantity and especially quality of  Terra Mater Studios’ impressive production output.

Before joining Terra Mater Studios in late 2019, Berend already took care of the sales of their programs within the Red Bull Media House distribution team for 8 years and has even more background in natural history distribution working for ORF and ORF-Enterprise in content distribution before that. He has a background in law and is always trying to find creative solutions to balance the interests of all partners in an ever-evolving media landscape.

In his spare time, you will most likely find Berend on a mountain or on a lake whilst trying to take pictures with his camera. He loves the cold, snow and winter and is thus always trying to persuade Terra Mater Studios’ management to open up a subsidiary in Iceland or Scandinavia – unfortunately to no avail so far. But as he is always up for a challenge, this discussion is probably far from over!