Andreas Ribarits

As Editor at TMS, Andi is every producer’s go-to person when programs need attention or new projects are ready for the cut.

Starting his career as DoP for mainly concerts, followed by Live-Directing and Live-Editing, and having – after a while – covered quite every nuance there is to cover from big venues to small, he figured that his main interest was working on a set. But little did he know that his real passion was waiting for him in the editing room. After discovering the fascinating complexity of film montage in his early twenties, a row of short film productions followed.

With his degree in Film Editing he tried to explore even further and to cover the whole spectrum of montage work. Ranging from short fiction to full documentary features, his journey eventually brought him to Terra Mater Studios, where he explores and enriches the wonders of Nature and Human relations even further. Because if you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. Or, so they say..