Terra Mater Studios

For several years now, our production site in Vienna has been increasingly sourcing electricity through sustainable means such as photovoltaics. Heat pumps and deep drilling complement the path towards sustainability. We also increasingly rely on public transportation, bicycles, and electric cars for employee commuting, which is why our company premises are equipped with ample bicycle racks and multiple charging stations.
In our operations, we prioritize sustainability and efficiency. For our work processes and presentations, we utilize cutting-edge systems in editing and audio to ensure high-quality outcomes. These measures underscore our commitment to environmental responsibility and technological innovation.

TMS only use state of the art high quality camera systems for production such as

  • Phantom Flex Highspeed Camera
  • Cineflex Camera Systems
  • RED, Arri, Sony cameras, …

Our Post Production is designed to produce from UHD up to 8K.

Therefore we use the following setup:

Storage: AVID Nexis storage

NAS systems for the RAW material

Backup: LTO system

Edits: 5 AVID Media Composers
2 AVID Symphony Systems
Audiosuite: AVID Pro Tools
Mixing desk: DCOMMAND
Presentations: @ the Cinema (14 seats) for 4K Video with Dolby Atmos sound

Sony 4K Beamer
Screen: 299 x 168

@ the Conference Room (16 seats)

Panasonic Screen 75”

Software: DaVinci, Avid, Premiere