Terra Mater Studios

TMS only use state of the art high quality products such as

  • Phantom Flex Highspeed Camera
  • Cineflex Camera Systems
  • RED, Arri, Sony cameras for 4K productions

Our Post Production is designed to produce HD up to 4K.

Therefore we use the following setup:

Storage: AVID ISIS storage with 88TB and 220TB NAS storage
Content management: Avid Interplay
Ingest/Playout: Sony DVW M2000P
Sony HDW M2000P
Sony PDW-F 1600
Blu-ray and DVD copy station
Edits: 5 AVID Media Composers
2 AVID Symphony Systems (also FinalCutPro if required) full 3D edits (3D JVC GD463)
Screens: Eizo CG232W
Control units: Tektronix WVR8200 and  RTW31960 with Dolby E Decoding
Audiosuite: AVID Pro Tools with Video Satellite for working in Interplay environment
Mixing desk: DCOMMAND
Various plugins (e.g. Neyrinck Plugin for producing a Dolby E Datastream)
Mayah VIP Audiocode Centaury 3001
Presentations: @ the Cinema (14 seats) for 4K Video with Dolby Atmos sound
Creston System, all sources from Avid/TV/Blu-ray/DVD and also 3D/Videoserver
Screen: 299 x 168
Sony Beamer
@ the Conference Room (16 seats)
Creston System, all sources from Avid/TV/Blu-ray/DVD and also 3D
All sources lead to a JCV 3D Monitor (46”) via a Matrix