The Nature of Christmas


Get ready for an enchanting journey through the natural history of Christmas! We will explore the fascinating connection between animals, plants, and mystical landscapes with this beloved holiday; a connection that has been cherished by many cultures for centuries.

Join us as we uncover the secrets behind mistletoe branches, discover how reindeer survive the frigid winter, and trace the origins of the beloved Christmas tree. And don’t forget the charming robin, which is also intricately intertwined with this holiday.

This documentary is a feast for the eyes with lavish images that will transport you to magical landscapes, and we’ve added a touch of humor and adventure to keep things entertaining.

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, it has become a cultural phenomenon celebrated by people of all backgrounds. It’s known as the “Festival of Love”, bringing warmth and comfort to the cold winter months – or for those on the other side of the globe, a unique combination of beach parties and Santa hats.

When we think of Christmas, we can’t help but picture Santa Claus and his trusty reindeer. For centuries, reindeer have been the ideal pack animal, perfectly adapted to living in snow, ice, and frigid temperatures – with or without glowing red noses.

But we don’t stop at the North Pole! According to the Bible, a humble donkey was present at the birth of Jesus, and we visit the unique donkey island Lamu off the coast of Kenya, where these animals are the primary mode of transportation. Against the backdrop of a picturesque coral stone village, surrounded by sand dunes and vegetable plantations, a foal follows its mother and encounters cats, chickens, and the people living with them.

Evergreen plants symbolize vitality and hope for the return of spring. Today, Nordmann firs are the most popular Christmas trees, but where do they come from? We’ll join tree-climbing harvesters in dizzying heights to uncover the origins of these beloved trees.

We’ll also learn about the social behavior of geese, the spread of evergreen mistletoe, and about wild caribou and reindeer on the island of Newfoundland. This documentary will take you on a wild journey around the world to explore the fascinating NATURE OF CHRISTMAS. Join us as we discover the true magic behind this beloved holiday!

A co-production of Terra Mater Studios and Längengrad Filmproduktion