Supersapiens – The Rise of the Mind


Humanity faces a turning point – the next stage in the evolution of the human brain – and it’s being driven by machines. This two-part documentary investigates the phenomenon, introduces the players and asks: what are the real-world consequences of a super brain? In the process we meet young, innovative thinkers who are using technology to unlock our own in-born mind-abilities.

Episode 01: Enhanced Humans
In this episode, we explore technolgies that promise superpowers and witness experiments that are literally changing minds!

Physical connections between man and machine are on the verge of becoming mainstream. The next generation is already experimenting with this new reality at implant parties where they can have computer chips implanted into their hands to enable personal data transmission; where they can exchange information; and see the latest inventions.

Some devices have the potential to enhance our senses. One uses electrical stimulation on targeted areas of the brain to dramatically intensify focus on specific tasks. It can actually heighten vision to superhuman capabilities. But superpower comes at a price: during the stimulation, other brain functions are impaired.

Up until now, technology has been a means to exchange information. Now, a rapidly growing group of people that call themselves consciousness hackers, are claiming that we already have the tools to take the next step – to use technology to connect humans, mind to mind. This will enable us to understand and deal with technology in a way that has never before been possible.

Episode 02: Human Machines
Episode 2 takes us into a sci-fi world where machines are on their way to becoming ’almost human’.
From robots that can walk and run on two legs, to OpenWorm, the project that ‘brought to life’ the first digital ‘living being’, and on to Sophia… an extremely sophisticated and very intelligent ‘female’ android.

Some neuroscientists want to upload a human mind into a computer, creating a ghost in the machine with unimaginable power and capabilities. And there are others who fear that machines may become more intelligent than humans – that they could evolve even greater powers without human aid. One former star of AI research now asks “Are we creating gods? Or are we creating our own exterminators?”

’SUPERSAPIENS’ heralds the next evolution of the mind. Are we about to witness the birth of a new species? Or the end of ours…

Produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios