Lemur Diaries


They hibernate underground, dance, play hide-and-seek and even get high. Lemurs are so much more than the ring-tailed critters we have come to know and love. Today, their lives are filled with unique challenges, new adaptations and an uncertain future.


LEMUR DIARIES is an enthralling 3-part series that delves into the captivating world of lemurs, presenting their extraordinary lives from their very own perspective. With an endearing and humorous touch, this series takes viewers on an emotional journey like no other. Experience their authentic firsthand encounters, as LEMUR DIARIES unveils their captivating tales that unfold in their remarkable lives.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into Madagascar’s natural history treasures, thriving in isolation for an astounding 80 million years, creating an unparalleled ecosystem. But what lies ahead for these exceptional primates in the modern era? Lemurs are the world’s most endangered group of mammals. In fact, 98% of lemur species are at risk of extinction. But together with lemur fans around the world, we can help.

As humanity and lemurs become intertwined, the fate of over a third of the world’s primate species hang in the balance. Witness the profound impact of humans on lemurs, from destructive forces like illegal logging and poaching to hopeful endeavors such as forest restoration, scientific research, lemur rehabilitation, and responsible tourism. LEMUR DIARIES stands apart with its unique approach, painting a vivid picture of the lemurs’ harsh reality while intertwining tension, entertainment, humour, hope and a powerful call to awareness.

Immerse yourself in LEMUR DIARIES as it unravels the intricate existence of these captivating primates, showcasing their daily struggle for survival, triumphant moments, and brave encounters with adversity. This groundbreaking series will captivate, entertain and leave a lasting impression, deepening our understanding of the delicate balance between humanity and the extraordinary lemurs that share our world.

LEMUR DIARIES explores how lemurs adapt to survive in the present. As the environment and climate undergo rapid changes, both wildlife and people are impacted. Each episode showcases distinct landscapes and highlights the lemurs’ incredible adaptations to their specific habitats and unveiling the challenges of coexistence.

Episode 1 – Family Bonds
This captivating episode unfolds in the heart of Madagascar’s rich landscapes during the early wet season. We begin our tale with a newborn Indri taking its first peek into the world, accompanied by a symphony of songs from its family. These calls aren’t just captivating, they are crucial – a language used to navigate the dense rainforest, strengthen family bonds, and ward off rival groups. But now a loud buzzing sound deep in the firest disturbs their song.

Further south, amidst the prickly spiny forests, we follow the social lives of the Ring-tailed lemurs. A species that revels in the sun and is ruled by formidable matriarchs. These lemurs represent the power of unity. However, they also face danger. Years of agriculture have diminished their playground and now they and their long time enemy, the fossa, are pushed even closer together.

Almost unseen is the world’s smallest primate, weighing only 30 grams: Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur. Usually solitary, we witness her preparing for motherhood. In her new role she will need to teach her babies to forage for food. Unaware of the predator lurking nearby, she busies herself in a tree hollow with her babies. The Madagascar Tree boa, her number one enemy, stealthily prowls, closing in on its potential prey. But this time, the boa’s strike is not aimed at the mouse lemur, instead capturing a big fruit bat within its coils.

Together, our characters gaze towards the horizon as a cyclone approaches. Everyone seeks shelter, knowing that survival is not just about weathering the storm but also enduring the hungry aftermath and staying connected with family.

Episode 2 – Masters of Survival
It’s the dry season. Our young Indri lemurs face their first drought. As they learn how to navigate the hardships of scarce resources, a looming shadow in the sky signals danger. The lemurs call and scatter, aware of the hawk above, ever watchful from the sparse trees. Seeking refuge, they flee to a deciduous forest, yet the scent of fire hangs in their air, warning them that this place is not safe.

As a young ring-tailed lemur male comes of age, he and his companions cannot resist the allure of a nearby camp, a playground like no other. They engage in playful antics, releasing water from a tap, providing the perfect distraction. However, their joy is abruptly interrupted by the emergence of a gun barrel from the thicket. With a swift thwap, darkness falls as the young lemur is captured, collared, and caged.

Under the shadowy veil of the moonlit forests, we unveil the mysterious Aye-aye, a creature steeped in legend and superstition. This solitary lemur navigates life with an uncanny adaptation, an elongated skeletal finger, a tool that aids its existence in a unique ecological niche. He listens intently to the branches with his oversized ears. Tapping the bark, he finally retrieves a wood borer with his long finger, keeping the forest clean. Yet, his nightmarish appearance means the Aye-aye faces relentless persecution. Without a voice to share his ecological significance he is hunted and ostracized. Will this misunderstood creature withstand the test of survival against the odds?

Episode 3 – Harmony in Nature
The wet season’s return brings the promise of abundance, and a resurgence of life in Madagascar. The Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur awakens from her short hibernation, her tiny form housing a fierce determination and ability to adapt, driving her to survive and thrive in a reborn world.

The Aye-aye, once hunted due to local superstitions, experiences a profound shift in fate. Driven by newfound knowledge of their important role, local communities begin protecting these ecological guardians, showcasing the positive impact of changing human perspective.

Finally, we return to our now mature Indri and Ring-tailed lemurs, weathered by trials of the past, carrying the legacy of their kind into the future. Their remarkable adaptability highlights not just the resilience of nature, but the pressing need for its conservation. Human-driven recovery efforts in their forest homes provide hope, demonstrating the potential of harmony between mankind and the wild.

LEMUR DIARIES presents an exciting, emotional narrative, combining awe-inspiring visuals, character-driven storytelling, and hard-hitting truths of environmental adversity. Each episode bridges stunning wildlife and ecological content with compelling narratives of survival, resilience, and redemption. This isn’t just a wildlife documentary – it’s an immersive journey into a land time forgot, and a call to arms for its protection.

The filmmakers have unprecedented access to Madagascar’s wilderness areas. Their in-depth knowledge of the landscape, wildlife and filming requirements in Madagascar are unique. As they are also very active in the conservation space, there is excellent access to the latest research and expertise regarding lemurs and their ecosystems.