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Future Home


From devastating natural disasters to cities choking on toxic fumes, humanities’ homes are under threat. Survivors of natural disasters bear painful testimony to the consequences of getting it wrong.
Based on pioneering research and designs, FUTURE HOME: SURVIVING OUR EXTREME PLANET is the first series to explore stunning new structures designed by a diverse range of architects to withstand mother nature’s most powerful forces: flood, fire, ice, wind, quakes, air.

Wildfire smoke reached the North Pole for the first time in recorded history. Megastorms are on the rise. Melting Permafrost threatens to release carbon dioxide 25 times as potent as current greenhouse gases. Worldwide, more deaths are now attributed to air pollution than to car accidents. Earthquakes left over 100,000 people homeless around the world in 2021. Meeting these forces in safe homes is crucial, and everyone needs to be able to access them – so we will feature high-tech and low-tech solutions, suiting different wants and needs.

This 6-part series takes viewers on a spectacular journey from the aridest deserts, to frozen wastelands, and deep into the belly of our urban jungles, and we will meet those working against the odds, designing the sustainable projects that will protect us from an unrecognizable Earth.

This series serves as a love letter to the wondrous planet we live on, transporting our audience through breath-taking landscapes, within terrifying weather systems, and deep into the vibrant cultures of the peoples of Planet Earth.

While FUTURE HOME will uncover how we are redesigning the way we live as the planet rapidly changes around us, the real question is – can we adapt in time?

A Terra Mater Studios and Amberjack Films production