Born in the Rockies


‘Born in the Rockies’ follows the lives of three courageous animal families as they struggle to survive in one of the most challenging habitats on Earth – North America’s Rocky Mountains. The intimate nature of the film explores the complexities of family life – and reveals just how challenging life can be for a family growing up in the Rockies. Let’s find out how legends in the Rockies are truly made!

The Rockies are a wild country – a mix of mountains terrain, wide prairies, snow-capped peaks and wild untamed river valleys, a story about latitude as it is about altitude. This formidable chain of mountains encompasses a hundred separate ranges from its southern most point in the American Southwest, to its northern tip in the Canadian Arctic. And because of this, the Rockies encapsulate an astounding array of ecosystems – from prairie to alpine tundra. They serve as a vital corridor for migratory wildlife, and a critical refuge for a diversity of species in a rapidly changing climate.

The extreme elevations and brutal weather they generate give the Rockies a reputation for being unpredictable and unforgiving. A reputation that is not unfounded – the greatest daily temperature swing in the world was recorded in the Rockies.

It is here, on this perilous stage, that an ancient drama is unfolding.

Raising a family is never easy, and the challenges of motherhood can seem daunting. This is true for all three of our animal families; a herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and their new-born lambs, a mother grizzly bear and her cubs, and a wild mare and her foal. As we follow these remarkable families through the seasons, we witness their struggle to survive as they face off against predators, the elements, and sometimes, each other.

Springtime is a vulnerable time for any animal, especially for the new arrivals. We follow the new-born from infancy to independence, and uncover intimate moments that reveal just how courageous, cunning, and affectionate these animal mothers can truly be.

The ecological depth of this unique habitat gives rise to many species that cross our heroes’ paths; wolves, mountain lions, lynx, mountain goats, wolverines, coyotes, pikas – there’s no lack of dramatic cast of major and minor characters for our story.

‘Born in the Rockies’ employs feature film techniques, not only in its cinematic approach, but in the very way the story is crafted. Gimbals, motion control, remote camera systems, and aerial imaging will paint a vivid picture of a story based on real science as a dramatic feature. We go beyond mere survival and capture the intimate interactions that define an animal’s character – those crucial moments that reveal the complex nature of our animal characters, out here, in the Rockies.