Terra Mater Factual Studios nominated at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

August 2014: Six nominations for Terra Mater Factual Studios’ science docs at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards.

480 science documentaries from 22 countries were entered for this year’s Jackson Hole Science Media Awards. Terra Mater Factual Studios productions were nominated in six different categories.

Especially the innovative series ‘Richard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature’ convinced the international jury. The three-parter, produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios and Oxford Scientific Films in co-production with BBC, is a fast-paced, sharp and funny rollercoaster ride through the various implementations of bionic engineering. The programme was nominated in both the ‘Best Limited Series’ and ‘Best Presenter-Led’ categories. The presenterless version of the series titled ‘Genius of Nature’ was selected for the ‘Technological Sciences’ finale.

Also nominated were ‘Eyes of Atacama’, a stunning film about the world’s biggest space observatory, a fascinating documentary called ‘Unnatural Selection’ revealing the human influence on evolution and the thought-provoking doco ‘Killer Whales – Fins of Change’ showing for the first time how Orcas replace Polar bears in an arctic environment where climate change is already very real.



“For the first time our productions have received more nominations than anybody else at the most important science film festival in the world,” says TMFS’s CEO Walter Köhler. “This clearly shows that we are on the right track – not only in natural history but in the science genre as well.”

The nominations come as the latest highlight in a long line of accolades for the Vienna-based production company. Since coming up with the first slate of productions in 2012 Terra Mater Factual Studios have received more than 60 international awards.


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