TMS Productions win three Awards at Jackson Wild Summit 2022

Pamhagen/Burgenland/Austria. On Thursday evening the winners of the internationally acclaimed Jackson Wild Media Awards – known as the “Oscars of nature film” – were announced. Terra Mater Studios received three awards, which marks a prestigious success for the Austrian film production company.

In the category “Writing”, the winner was the Waterhole Films, Terra Mater Studios, NHK and WNET co-production “The Elephant and the Termite” – an intriguing story, written by Mark Deeble, about a remarkable relationship between elephants and termites as they shape a waterhole together.

The documentary Miami Wild, a co-production of Terra Mater Studios and Smithsonian Networks has been honored for best “Original Music Score”, composed by Ian McLeod.

Victoria Stone (Director and Producer at Deeble & Stone), Sabine Holzer (Head of Specialist Factual at Terra Mater Studios), Mark Deeble (Director / DoP / Writer at Deeble & Stone)

Winner “Writing”
(c) Grace Bowie

Neil Losin (Writer and Director – DaysEdge), Ivo Filatsch (Executive Producer – Terra Mater Studios), Ian McLeod (Composer – Cleod9 Music, LLC), Nathan Dappen PhD (Writer and Director – DaysEdge), and Tria Thalman (Executive Producer – Smithsonian Channel)

Winner “Original Music Score”
(c) Grace Bowie

This year Terra Mater Studios, for the first time, submitted a short form production of their YouTube channel and won an award right away: “How Sperm Whales Learned to Outsmart their Hunters”, written by Ruth Berry and produced by Eva Schmidt, Head of Digital & Communications of Terra Mater Studios, won in the category “Animal Behavior – Short Form”. Watch the video here.

“This award is very special for us,” says Walter Köhler, CEO of Terra Mater Studios, “since it honors one of the many outstanding videos on our Terra Mater YouTube channel. We launched our channel in order to directly engage with our audience and to build up a community dedicated to important topics concerning conservation and the environment. To see it growing day by day makes us proud. And winning the Jackson Wild Media Award is fantastic recognition on top.”

And another award triggers great joy at the Austrian film production company: Yaz Ellis, mentee of Terra Mater Studios’ Executive Producer Birgit Peters at Jackson Wild Mentorship Programm 2021, was awarded for Best Cinematography – Short Form with her film “Beavers about Town”.
Yaz will receive training for working on a RED camera, which has always been a dream of hers, and will also be involved in one of Terra Mater Studios’ next productions about wildlife in Vienna.

Eva Schmidt (Head of Digital & Communications at Terra Mater Studios, Producer “How Sperm Whales Outsmartet Their Hunters”)

Winner “Animal Behavior – Short Form”

(c) Grace Bowie

Yaz Ellis (Wildlife Filmmaker and Camerawoman, Jackson Wild Mentoring Programm Attendee, Winner “Best Cinematography – Short Form”) with her mentor Birgit Peters (Executive Producer – Terra Mater Studios)

(c) Terra Mater Studios

Walter Köhler, CEO of Terra Mater Studios, and Lisa Samford, Executive Director of Jackson Wild

(c) Terra Mater Studios