“DETHRONED” Austrian Premiere: June 20th – A Journey with Big Cats

We’re super excited to announce the Austrian premiere of “DETHRONED” on June 20th! This wildlife documentary will take you on a breathtaking adventure, exploring our deep connection with big cats and the critical state of their conservation today.


What’s the Story?

Humans have always been fascinated by big cats. These majestic creatures have been worshiped as gods and seen as symbols of power throughout history. But now, as we lose touch with our past, our relationship with them is at a crossroads. “DETHRONED” follows photojournalist Aaron Gekoski as he travels the globe to uncover where we’ve gone wrong and what the future holds for these incredible animals.

Journey Highlights:

  • Peruvian Jungles: Aaron starts in Peru, home to the mystical jaguar. Despite their protected status, jaguars are threatened by a booming trade in their furs and fangs. Who’s behind this demand? Aaron is determined to find out.
  • Pakistan’s Aristocracy: Next, Aaron infiltrates the world of Pakistani aristocrats who, driven by social media fame, are keeping big cats as pets. It’s a shocking trend that needs to be exposed.
  • Himalayan Foothills: On the hunt for a man-eating leopard, Aaron’s journey showcases the dangerous yet fascinating interactions between humans and wildlife.
  • Thailand’s Tiger Petting Zoos: Aaron uncovers the dark side of tiger tourism, revealing the cruelty behind petting zoos and circuses.
  • Golden Triangle: Risking his life, Aaron documents the multi-million-dollar trade in big cats for traditional medicine. It’s a dangerous mission with eye-opening revelations.
  • South Africa: Aaron dives into the lion breeding industry and finds hope with a reformed poacher turned wildlife ranger who’s now dedicated to saving these majestic creatures.


“DETHRONED” isn’t just about big cats; it’s about our connection with them and what it means for humanity if we continue down this destructive path.

Produced by Terra Mater Studios and Four Corners Film & Photography in association with Four Paws, this wildlife documentary is a must-watch for anyone who cares about wildlife and conservation.


The movie will have its Austrian premiere on June 20th and on July 3rd it’ll be on ServusTV at 20:15!