Audiences in New York and Dallas impressed by newest feature films

USA/May 2019: The latest Terra Mater Factual Studios feature documentaries ‘Sea of Shadows’ and ‘Watson’ are making waves at high profile festivals in the US. Both films discuss environmental issues and have already had a great impact on audiences throughout the world.

‘Sea of Shadows’ unveils the truth behind poaching in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico which brings the most elusive whale on earth, the Vaquita Marina, to the very brink of extinction. Whilst ‘Watson’, on the other hand, tells the story of former Greenpeace board member Paul Watson, who then went on to found Sea Shepherd in order to save his “clients”, the “ocean creatures” that are endangered by overfishing and illegal activities on the high seas.

After having its premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Watson’, directed by Lesley Chilcott, was awarded second place for the Audience Award for Documentary Films. Its impact on audiences did not stop there, as it then moved onto the Dallas EarthxFilm festival and won the Audience Award for best Feature Film. The Elephant Action League’s, Andrea Crosta also picked up the Impact Award for his work on the Terra Mater Factual Studios produced film, ‘Sea of Shadows’.