A Year in Festivals

What’s been going on with TMFS productions and festivals this year?

All in all, we’ve received over 100 nominations (107, to be precise) for 26 of our productions this year, from festivals in 17 countries on three continents in total.

Festivals in 11 countries on three continents of the world have honoured 20 of our productions with 56 awards and certificates in total. That’s more than one prize every week of the year!

The US have been the most generous: we’ve gathered 20 prizes at American festivals, with New York Festivals honouring us with a stunning 11 prizes in total.
Two Austrian festivals have honoured three of our productions with nothing less but Grand Prizes/Golden Cameras respectively.

Amur_01_gradedOur big winners, prize-number-wise, could not be more diverse: eight prizes have been awarded each to ‘Giraffe – Nature’s High Society’ about the gangly goliaths of the African savannahs, as well as to ‘David Attenborough’s Light on Earth’ – a nature/science documentary providing never-before-seen images of bioluminescent phenomena all around the globe.
A very worthy third in place with seven prizes is our magnificent three-part natural history series about the Amur river, an epic journey of discovery of the natural world along the nearly 5,000 kilometres long river, stretching from Mongolia to Russia’s Pacific coast.

Our productions have won in very different categories: Natural History, Birds/Wildlife, Sustainable Agriculture, Environment & Ecology, Cultural Issues, Science, Technical Innovation, Best Camera, Man and Nature, Preservation of Biodiversity, Best Use of Osteological Analysis, Outstanding Cinematography to name but a few – and, also the really big feature categories, such as Theatrical at the Wildscreen Panda Awards.

As the year’s not over yet, we might collect a few more before we start our count afresh in 2017 – the year when we’re hoping to be able to announce the big step from being shortlisted for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar to an actual nomination for ‘The Ivory Game’.
Fingers crossed!