Terra Mater Studios

Michael Fröch - Chief Technological Officer

Michael Fröch

Head of Technical Operations

Michael is the tech-genius at TMS. There is no mis-functioning machine that can resist his technical skills for long. As Head of Technical Operations he is responsible for the electronic data processing, the day to day technical workflow and all technical requirements of Terra Mater Studios. He is also in charge of the post-production at TMS.
Michael has 21 years experience of working at the technical department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and belongs to the very rare breed of creative techies. As video engineer he worked on giant live productions as well as having been ORF’s chief editor for more than ten years.


Siegfried Kern

Technical Assistant

Not a single frame of Terra Mater Studios’ productions exists that Sigi is unfamiliar with. He is the Master of Ingest and handles hours and hours of raw material on a daily basis. In 2002, Sigi graduated from a multimedia art school, having focussed on animation, layout and web design. While studying philosophy at Salzburg University he designed and created Flash animations, set up his own website and worked for Sony DADC in the field of DVD authoring and quality control, as well as video encoding, capture, playout and post production workflows.

In August 2010, he took the chance to join the Red Bull Media House team in Salzburg as an ingest and playout technician. Following his interest in documentaries, video editing and 3D workflows, he subsequently began working at Terra Mater Studios as a technical assistant.


Roland Mittermüller -

Roland Mittermüller

Technical Operator

Solving problems that are hard to solve and finding the different approach to it is one big hobby of Roland. As Technical Operator at TMS he’s the right hand to the Head of Technical Operations Michael Fröch and keeps the Post Production Systems running.
At the age of 14, he volunteered for the first time for a documentary film in Vienna and started to gain interest in the matter and after a couple of years of trying different other things he came back to what he was drawn to. He graduated from Media Technologies at the University for Applied Sciences in St. Pölten. Right away he started to work in a small Film Production company in Vienna and worked in several different Video and IT related areas. He also achieved experience in highspeed-, aerial- and ENG camera-operator as well as a production coordinator all over the world for almost 10 years.

Andreas Ribarits


As Editor at TMS, Andi is every producer’s go-to person when programs need attention or new projects are ready for the cut.

Starting his career as DoP for mainly concerts, followed by Live-Directing and Live-Editing, and having – after a while – covered quite every nuance there is to cover from big venues to small, he figured that his main interest was working on a set. But little did he know that his real passion was waiting for him in the editing room. After discovering the fascinating complexity of film montage in his early twenties, a row of short film productions followed.

With his degree in Film Editing he tried to explore even further and to cover the whole spectrum of montage work. Ranging from short fiction to full documentary features, his journey eventually brought him to Terra Mater Studios, where he explores and enriches the wonders of Nature and Human relations even further. Because if you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. Or, so they say..