Terra Mater Studios

Martina Drienovska

Senior Legal Counsel

Martina joined Terra Mater Studios in January 2014 after gaining several years of experience at two Vienna-based law firms, focusing predominantly on corporate and copyright law.

As a member of TMS’ legal team she handles a broad range of legal issues that arise during the production process – from the drafting and negotiating of production contracts, giving legal advice during the production phase, to managing legal aspects of the distribution of TMS content.

Martina is very straightforward and solution-oriented, always focusing on the optimal combination of both, the legal and business point of view.

Arlette Kumor-Beghin

Senior Legal Counsel

Giving legal advice in order to enable fair solutions and enriching collaborations is Arlette’s ambition at all legal issues raised at Terra Mater Studios. Therefore, “Yes, we can!“ is her motto at work.

Before joining TMS, Arlette worked at the rights management department of ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster, as well as at SWR, member of Germany’s public service broadcaster ARD, and its subsidiary SWR Media Services GmbH. For nearly a decade she was busy drafting all kinds of radio and film production contracts as well as SWR’s content sales agreements.
In November 2017, Arlette took the chance to join TMS’ legal department as she loves working on an international level and always aspired to work for a film production company.
Arlette graduated in law in Heidelberg, Germany, and completed her legal internship in Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden.

Andrea Elisa Pisu

Senior Legal Counsel

Andrea joined the legal team of Terra Mater Studios in March 2020. In her role, she supports the production units in the broad spectrum of legal matters arising throughout the whole production process, from the development stage to distribution. She takes great care of every legal matter with strong commitment and pragmatism, aiming to create the best synergies between legal and business. At Terra Mater Studios, she is known as the go-to person when the issue gets hot.

Before joining Terra Mater Studios, Andrea gained several years of experience at an international law firm in Rome, dealing with different aspects of intellectual property law. She deepened her knowledge of the media industry by working in the legal department of Rai Com, a subsidiary of RAI, the Italian public service broadcaster.

Maria-Christine Gatterer - Junior Producer

Maria-Christine Rieder (née Gatterer)

Head of Legal

Creativity and accuracy: for Maria the two are not mutually exclusive. As Head of Legal at Terra Mater Studios she is dealing with all kind of legal issues raised during development, production and distribution of all formats, TV documentaries and feature films.

Before joining TMS, Maria headed the legal and business affairs division of Content Sales International at ORF-Enterprise, a subsidiary of ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster. Managing the exploitation ORF content as well as third-party content she handled all kinds of agreements. Prior to that she worked in a copyright law office in Munich, while a variety of projects have taken her from New York to Moscow.