Terra Mater Studios

Philip-Jaime Alcazar (ON EDUCATIONAL LEAVE)

Executive Producer, Digital & Communications

Philip works as Executive Producer in the Digital & Communications Unit of Terra Mater Studios. He develops and produces the video content for the YouTube- and Instagram-channel of the company.

To keep up with changing times is Philip’s tenet: He started his career in the theatrical feature film production and joined Terra Mater Studios in 2012. From there, he found his way from the big screen to online and mobile content: after founding his own production company, he returned to TMS in 2019 to lead the company’s content production for their social media channels.

With his deep proficiency in several languages, his experience in film and media production and his strong business acumen, Philip is doing his best to serve Terra Mater’s digital unit.

Katrin Hemmer

Junior Producer, Digital & Communications

As Junior Producer in the Digital & Communications Department, Katrin supports Philip and Eva by developing and producing content for Terra Mater Studios’ YouTube and Instagram channels. With a keen grasp of today’s social media needs, Katrin has quickly emerged as the department’s Instagram specialist.

Katrin loves being creative and has a passion for scientific journalism. Already during school, she started writing short-stories about animals and conservation.  Katrin holds a university degree in journalism and public relations (FH Joanneum Graz). Before joining TMS, she worked for the Print and Online departments of German educational monthly magazine GEO in Hamburg.

During leisure time, Katrin loves spending her time with her family, dog and friends. On the weekends, you will definitely find her in the mountains – either wearing a pair of skis, in a climbing harness, or with some hot tea in front of a small hut, enjoying the scenery.

Christopher Köhler

Assistant Producer, Digital & Communications

Christopher works as Assistant producer in the Digital Department at Terra Mater Studios. He is a vital part of the busy YouTube unit, keeping things running smoothly and the editorial calendar up to date. Research, script development, editing, footage search, project management and much more make up his daily business.

When Christopher joined TMS in 2019, he started in the Specialist Factual Department, where he worked on documentaries like “Magic Moments – The Spell of Nature”, or “Perfect Parenting – How to raise your young”, an award-winning film about the complexities of animal parenting. He studied biology at the University of Vienna and before that, he went to Namibia where he completed an internship at the Harnas Wildlife Foundations Voluntary Program. And there it happened, that Christopher was drawn in front of the camera – for the factual entertainment series “Harnas – Wildlife Rescue Camp” (2011-2015).

When not thinking about how to weave an exciting story in the realms of nature, Christopher loves to explore other worlds. Be it through a good book, a new TV series, a story-driven videogame or, quite old-school, at a table rolling some D20s.

Elisa Mourao-Fischer

Social Media Manager

Elisa is the Social Media Manager in the Digital & Communications Department. She’s the brain behind every social media post. It doesn’t matter which platform we are talking about. She collects every in-house project, new YouTube videos, events, behind-the-scenes, sustainability tips, and unique shots made by our team and then mixes everything to create engaging and inspiring content for our channels.

Her career started in 2012, and her debut was already with social media and online marketing. Her first job was at Globo, Latin America’s biggest communication company; after that, she navigated through different industries. She worked in a publisher, in an online course, and also within the app industry. Always on or behind the camera, producing video and written content to raise brand awareness and build a loyal community.

Elisa was born and raised in the Cidade Maravilhosa, aka Rio de Janeiro. She moved to London, where she did her Master’s Degree in Film and Screen Cultures, and since then, she has been in Austria. Elisa considers herself a multicultural person, always curious to learn about new cultures and places. She’s also a music lover, which means she needs a soundtrack for every single task she does, just biking to work or preparing her next social media post for Terra Mater Studios.

Eva Schmidt - Head of Program Development

Eva Schmidt

Head of Digital & Communications

As Head of Digital & Communications, Eva manages Terra Mater Studios’ online and social media business, executes the internal and external communications and oversees all marketing activities for the internationally acclaimed company. Since spring 2019, she and her team run the digital channels of TMS, transferring the conservation- and environment-conscious commitment of the company to YouTube and Instagram (coming fall 2019). Furthermore, Eva is working together closely with the management team and often deals with strategically significant projects. Before her maternity leave in 2015, she managed TMS’ department of Factual Entertainment & Format Development, where she and her team developed and produced new, innovative programs for the national and international market.

25 years of experience in the television- and advertisement-industry, as well as a master’s degree in journalism provide the basis for Eva to precisely sense what the audience wants, how the story should be told and where and when a project should be communicated. For almost a decade she created and produced a wide variety of television programs in the Program Development Department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). In 2007, she moved to ORF’s science department, heading the weekly Science Magazine Program. In 2011, Eva joined Terra Mater Studios and has been a staff member since the very beginning of the company.