SUPERSAPIENSThe Rise of the Mind


Humanity is facing a turning point — the next evolution of the human mind. Will this evolution be a hybrid of man and machine, where artificial intelligence forces the emergence of a new human species? Or will a wave of new technologists, who frame themselves as ‘consciousness-hackers’, become the future torch-bearers, using technology not to replace the human mind, but rather awaken within it powers we have always possessed?

‘SUPERSAPIENS’ heads hard towards the event horizon of AI looking at the current state of technology and asking who is driving these advances and what are the real-world consequences of creating a mind more advanced than our own? In parallel, the film meets the young and innovative thinkers who apply 21st century technology to the quest of unlocking our own ancient and in-born mind-abilities.

As the scientific community and the military seek to finally unmask the matrix of human consciousness, the film poses a question: can we risk this discovery? Can we prevent ourselves from going too far? To quote former US president Barack Obama, “There are fewer and fewer technical constraints on what we can do. That places a special obligation on us to ask tough questions about what we should do”.

‘SUPERSAPIENS’ not only brings exclusive insights into the world of artificial intelligence and consciousness-hacking, but gives a first-hand accounts into how an awakening technology is already claiming physical access to our very own bodies. Physical connections between both man and machine, and one human mind to another, are on the verge of becoming mainstream. The younger generations are readily turning to the concept of a collective consciousness created through technology, almost as if it were a belief-system.

‘SUPERSAPIENS’ documents the potential end of Homo Sapiens and heralds the rise of the mind and with it, the birth of a (new?) species.

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Awards & Nominations


*** In official selection ***

Illuminate Film Festival 2017 (Arizona, USA): Official Selection + WORLD PREMIERE

Transitions Film Festival 2018 (Melbourne, Australia): Nomination