Wonders of Africa


From the incomparable Ethiopian Highlands to the magical sand dunes of the Namib, from the banks of the Nile to the wild South Atlantic coastline – Africa is a continent of unparallelled contrasts… a land of giants.

The largest, most powerful living land mammal can be found in Africa: the African elephant. As they roam through the savannah, elephants are accompanied by other behemoths of the animal kingdom – giraffes, the tallest terrestrial mammals – and the world’s largest bird, the ostrich.

Out of all of Africa’s wildlife wonders, the elephant is the true icon of the savannah. To witness a fully grown male elephant in the wild is an awe-inspiring experience – he can be up to four metres tall and weigh 6,000 kilograms! But size is not the only thing that makes the elephant special. Its trunk is not just for smelling – it is also a fascinating and unique tool. An elephant can pull down entire trees or pluck a single blade of grass thanks to the trunk’s network of over 150,000 muscles and tendons.

Without a doubt, the Ethiopian Highlands contain some of the most breathtakingly scenic landscapes on Earth. Spectacular towering cliffs, table mountains, and stony peaks create a dramatic façade that could have come straight from the pages of a storybook.

The animals here are as unique as the mountains they live in. Vultures nest in the steep cliff walls or soar on the steady updrafts that blow through the gorges.

The endangered walia ibex and the long-haired gelada baboon, with its characteristically thick mane, are only found in the Ethiopian highlands. The baboons live exclusively in the catchment area of the Blue Nile.

Lake Victoria in East Africa has a surface area rivalling that of the entire Namib Desert. It is considered one of nature’s greatest treasures. Hundreds of species cichlid fish live in its waters – living proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution. The magic of the ancient Nile can still be felt on Lake Victoria when dark clouds rise hundreds of meters above from the lake, like the smoke of a distant fire. But a closer look will tell you that the clouds are actually made up of myriads of dancing lake flies! This is their wedding dance, a mating ritual mysteriously triggered by the full moon.

Lake Victoria’s dancing lake fly is just one of Africa’s multitude of intriguing natural wonders – both great and small – still shrouded in mystery.

 With stunning images of unequalled scenery and unparalleled wildlife,’Wonders of Africa’ presents this continent of superlatives.