Kosha – Secret Life of a Pangolin


She is a small, harmless, scaly, ant-eating mammal with a ridiculously long tongue … and no teeth. Her name is Kosha, and this is her story.

Kosha is an orphaned Temminck’s ground pangolin from Zimbabwe, rescued from poachers when she was a pup, raised by caring humans and released back into the wild. Now fully grown, she offers her carers a rare glimpse into her secret life, when she takes them on an unexpected adventure down the pangolin burrow! What they learn along the way will jettison many existing theories about pangolin behaviour and biology. And help other rescued pangolins like her find a new home in Nature.

Kosha will give zoologist Ellen Connelly, conservationist Lisa Hywood and pangolin minder Luka Kamuhuni, the inspiration they need to change the fortunes of disadvantaged scaly anteaters across Africa. And pangolins need all the help they can get, because they are now the most trafficked mammals in the world.

Kosha motivates Ellen Connelly to put conjecture aside and trust in the simple process of observation. By watching Kosha over many years, she will gain an incredible foundation to learn more about pangolins without interfering in their lives.

Kosha gives Lisa Hywood the evidence to prove her animal rescue team in Zimbabwe have the specialist skills to rehabilitate pangolins seized from the illegal wildlife trade – and to bring new and improved ways to conserve pangolins.

And Kosha opens the door to a better life for local Shona man Luka Kamuhuni. Luka’s connection to the little animal inspires him to learn about the pangolin’s essential role in the biodiversity of his country and to pass that message on to his people.

Kosha achieves all of this by becoming the first pangolin from the illegal wildlife trade to be rehabilitated, liberated and monitored for five years … and counting.
This is an uplifting story about the life of a little-known, highly endangered creature — with as many twists and turns as a pangolin’s burrow.

A Silver Bullet Films / Terra Mater Studios production