Key Facts

For more than 100 years, Tarzan has been the hero of innumerable movies, TV series, comics, and video games. He may well be the world’s best-known fictional character. He has given his name to a suburb of Los Angeles and a chameleon in Madagascar. Children everywhere imitate his call.

And he is the world’s first eco-warrior.

To celebrate the centenary, Andy Briggs collaborated with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate to reboot Tarzan for the modern era. Three new novels brought Tarzan to a new generation. Our 21st Century Tarzan fights the despoilers of his natural habitat. He melds his love of a human – Jane – with his uncanny ability to communicate with animals; and he harness the forces of conservation to bring an understanding of environmental issues to the world.

And – yes – he still fights off the bad guys. Now, with Terra Mater, a revolutionary new television show is in the works as a fully digital photo-realistic production using bleeding-edge technology, and the magic of special effects outfit, Friendly Fire. The show will follow the iconic character as he has never been seen before, all thanks to the new Unreal Engine.