Rogue (Working Title)

Key Facts

This is a stylish complex action-crime drama like no other. Assembling a uniquely skilled team, Kgosi and Meg investigate the rising spike in wildlife crime. But their straightforward mission leads them to some dark places: the poaching of endangered animals that fuels the arms trade, human trafficking, and international terrorism. With their roots in Africa, these vile crimes are constricting the world.

With a mysterious vigilante picking off poachers, a young reporter trying to expose the mysterious life of a criminal kingpin known as Navara, and a duplicitous rogue named Dillon who appears to be walking a tightrope between law and chaos – nothing is as it seems, as the complex strands lead from a lowly pangolin to international power brokers.

ROGUE is a grim peek into the real world of international poaching. Elevating the stakes beyond ivory, and following the money and the arms, all the way up to global crime syndicates and corrupt governments that have no intention of letting their power slip.