Out of this World

Key Facts

When the walls are closing in, and life has given up on you – rest assured, there is still adventure to be had. Desperate to stave off bankruptcy, On the Edge has come up with a novel way of financing its endangered rhino conservation: tourism.

The international collection of near-retirees wasn’t what organisation leader, Solomon, had in mind, but their money is desperately needed, and at least one of the group – a 20-something Chinese girl who is already retired, shows potential.

For the tourists, it’s a step into the unknown. Capturing rhinos in South Africa to airlift them to a safe new home in Botswana. It’s a project unlike anything else on the planet… until it goes wrong.

Now stuck with a semi-conscious rhino, and a gang of bloodthirsty poachers waiting for it, the team decide to transport it overland. It’s an arduous and difficult journey, but one that allows everybody to get to know each other, and themselves, like never before. It’s an adventure like no other… and as the poachers catch up with them, it is one that could turn deadly.

OUT OF THIS WORLD is a wonderous life-affirming adventure – binding together the needs of our planet, generations, nationalities, in a tale of hope and second chances.