The year 2017 was a breakthrough year for Terra Mater Studios. Our film „The Ivory Game“ convinced state leaders to ban the nationwide ivory trade. We knew we had a new standard in documentary filmmaking in our hands and we felt encouraged to push the boundaries even further.

Yet, in spite of all our successes, we are also well aware of the fact that this is only a drop in the ocean. To meet the vast number of global challenges we must all work together. Our contribution to such a global endeavor is that we want to share our recipe for success. The way we tell our stories.

The art of storytelling is by far the most powerful way to get a message to where it can be effective. No matter whether you are an NGO or an international company. Awareness for the responsibility for planet Earth is our common goal, excellent storytelling the vehicle.

Terra Mater Story Labs is a series of workshops where some of our best storytellers share their knowledge with all those among you who want to contribute to the healing of the world in their own fields and make their effort visible.


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