Nature, Science

Secrets of the Unsaid


The science of animal poop!
Dr Scott Burnett is Scat Man, one of a breed of scientists like no other. They deal
with the unspeakable – the untouchable. Fearlessly, they push the boundaries, immune to the prejudices and revulsion that their unique brand of investigation can elicit. They are the poop scientists.

Scat Man is a giant in his field – 6 feet 3 inches (nearly 2 metres!) tall, charismatic, relaxed, knowledgeable. He spends months at a time alone in the field looking for clues in poos – and loving it. Scat Man is the perfect guide to introduce a wary audience to poop science. Join him as he journeys to far flung places, looking for facts in feces as he seeks to solve the Secrets of the Unsaid.

Mystery Of The Cubed Poop
Scat Man investigates why wombat excrement is shaped like dice, as he tracks a rare, giant wombat in a remote location in Australia. No other creature produces geometric scats. How do wombats do it and why? In Atlanta, USA, Scott meets engineers also looking for answers. Their unique experiments might crack the case and provide humans with answers to some pressing problems. In her lab, Dr Patricia Yang is inflating a balloon – the same type used to make sausage dogs and giraffes at fairs. Her innovative engineering experiment will crack the wombat’s cube manufacturing method and provide new technological solutions for humans.

Endangered Feces
Scat Man comes face to face with a steaming pile of – endangered feces. There are just over 2.5 thousand Indian one horned rhinoceroses (Rhinoceros unicornis) left in the world. Most of them are in Assam, Northern India. These rhinos are usually loners, but they have their own social network, the communal dung heap (a megafauna faecesbook?).
The rhinos all poop in the one place, leaving piles of precious information for other rhinos to “read.” In Kaziranga National Park, Scott tries to decipher the code.
The investigation takes a turn for the worse when Scat Man is taken to the front lines of the rhino poaching war where he witnesses the devastating consequences of the rhinos’ toilet habits. But when he cracks the rhinos’ secret language, a new way of saving the rhino emerges.

Scat Man hunts for a ‘mega’ megascat
It takes a poop scientist to find out how the poop of giant animals makes the world go around. Scott discovers how megascat makers move nutrients around the globe, from the deep sea to the forests. When Scat Man is invited by the enterprising ecosystem ecologist to Sri Lanka to witness the expulsion of the biggest poop in the world, he finds himself immersed in the global nutrient cycle. Swimming with the world’s biggest animal inspires solutions to the problems the planet faces.

Rewild the planet. Save the big animals; the whales, the elephants, the rhinos; not just because they are magnificent creatures, but because their giant poop makes the world go around.