One perfect Day


What’s in a day? From sunrise to sunset and well into the night, we encounter births and deaths; joyous moments and dangerous situations; apparent ennui and sudden excitement; all through the elements we move in this one-hour glimpse at the marvelous life all around our planet – making it quite the perfect day.

It’s an exciting morning for a batch of freshly hatched Jacana chicks as they venture far out onto the river – not swimming or flying, but walking across water!

At the same time, a leopardess watches her cubs from high up a sausage tree, as they race up and down the low-lying branches, honing their skills by playing catch. The adult cat herself is eyeing a nearby impala, aka “lunch to be”, carelessly feasting on flowers.

Far away, a large herd of Asian elephants is on the move, all trusting in their leader’s knowledge of where to find water in an increasingly dry world.

And for a batch of rock pythons, their very first day (of the rest of their lives) is to shortly begin; they are feared hunters in the humid Sri Lankan rainforest, but even feared hunters must start out small.

With the sun slowly sinking and the heat waning, it’s time for a change of cast. It’s a magic mood, with Earth touched by golden-red light. Mayflies fill the air, and colourful bee-eaters are presented with an abundance of food. They only have to open their beaks to pick the mayflies out of the air. And as the light continues to fade, the trees start to rustle. Something’s moving! A fluffy little bush baby has left its nest high up in the trees, and scouts the area for something to eat. Their huge eyes capture the smallest source of light; a starry, moonlit-night is enough for a perfect night out, climbing and jumping through the darkness of the African jungles.

All these adventures, by day or night, have taught old and young to stay vigilant, to relax when time allows it, to save their energy or spend it wisely. And after a perfect day and a perfect night, a new morning dawns. Come rain or shine – for someone and in some aspect, it’s gonna be a truly perfect day.

A production of Terra Mater Factual Studios