I am Wolverine


Few animals awake more mystic and fear merely by mentioning their name… Wolverine. Glamourised for its courage by Hollywood, villainised by ancestral folktales, deemed a lone killer confined to the far north. But what is the truth behind these myths?

Meet Elsa. Elsa is a wild wolverine living in No Man’s Land, a track of barren wilderness between Russia and Finland. To survive here, she needs to be clever. She might have a reputation of being a fierce killer but around these parts, she is not the biggest player.

Wolves and bears dominate the food chain and will stop at nothing to get their share of any kill – even if Elsa did all the work bringing down a sick reindeer. Wolves are her biggest foe. The local pack has chased her up many trees. But she fights back, biting their hind legs as they turn around. She is truly fearless.

But why would Elsa risk fighting over scraps? The answer lies in a winter den: her newborn cubs. Her mate left a long time ago. Wolverines are solitary and males spend months on end roaming vast areas. They may visit the same place only once or twice in a lifetime. It’s now up to Elsa to teach her two cubs how to become wolverines.

‘I am Wolverine’ opens the door to this little-known creature. For the first time, viewers will get a unique insight into these misunderstood animals. Working with scientists, our cameras locate a den and film never-before-seen behaviour of mother and cub interaction. And we follow the cubs as they grow and are taught how to survive in No Man’s Land.