Terra Mater Factual Studios

Traude Botha

Production Manager

Traude will take on any challenge – under any conditions and in any country, but preferably in sunny ones! As Production Manager, she is responsible for the financial and logistical aspects of our projects from the first draft to the final delivery. Traude oversees and organizes national and international productions.

While studying Journalism & Mass Communication, Traude was already working on various television projects until she discovered her love for wildlife television. In 2008, she went to South Africa to join the Wildlife Film Academy. After that, she started as a production manager for Aquavision TV Productions and worked on films such as Safari Live, Predator Battleground, Leopard Queen, Catching Giants and Animal Mega Moves for National Geographic, Inside Nature’s Giants for Windfall Films and on a 3D wildlife film series for 3net/Discovery Channel. In November 2011, Traude left South Africa to join the production team of Terra Mater Factual Studios in Vienna.


Lore Frey - Junior Producer

Lore Frey

Production Coordinator

Lore is the Wise Lady of Terra Mater Factual Studios, the most experienced Production Coordinator ever. She joined TMFS in June 2011 and, as Production Coordinator, works closely with TMFS’ Legal and the legal department of Red Bull Media House. Lore coordinates full commission and co-production agreements with German-language producers.
Lore has 15 years experience working as Unit Manager for the Natural History Unit of ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster.

Judith Hamberger

Production Manager

At Terra Mater Factual Studios Judith is a bundle of energy. As Production Manager she deploys her dynamic approach and skills to organise shoots, while also addressing accounting and team building matters.

Judith gained her first experience in the TV industry when she started working as a Stage Manager for the Austrian Broadcast Corporation in 1999. As her bookings increased in frequency she decided to sacrifice her studies of applied psychology in favour of a full-time position as a Production Assistant in the Entertainment Department. In 2007 Judith switched to the ORF’s Education & Contemporary History Department, where she worked as Production Coordinator. She was in charge of the production of the weekly science magazine program and planned and organised documentaries of the contemporary history unit from shoot to postproduction. Additionally she worked closely with the UNIVERSUM editorial staff – a collaboration that she prolonged by joining Terra Mater Factual Studios in January 2011.

Nina Holler

Production Assistant, Features & Special Projects

After starting as Office Assistant in 2017, Nina quickly joined the Features & Special Projects Department as Production Assistant to take on some more challenges. There, she is providing support to the production team whenever needed, from scheduling appointments to planning travels or helping with other production tasks – Nina will do her best to complete them very diligently.

Before joining TMFS, Nina finished her M.A. Degree in Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies in Vienna, Helsinki and Amsterdam and also attended “Die Graphische“, the Austrian Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics, so she can easily combine theory with creativity.

Tina Kierlinger

Production Coordinator

Tina supports the production team of Terra Mater Factual Studios as production coordinator and is responsible for all aspects of Post Production.

She looks back on 8 years of experience as a stage manager and production assistant for the entertainment department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). After completing her studies in journalism in 2009, however, she moved to the print sector – to coordinate, text and proofread magazines such as a Vienna city magazine, a beauty & fashion magazine or corporate publishing magazines as managing editor. But once television, always television – and so we’re delighted to have Tina at TMFS.

Wolfgang Knöpfler

Executive Producer, Features & Special Projects

Wolfgang joined Terra Mater Factual Studios in 2013 and since then he played an important part in producing several award-winning natural history documentaries and the Oscar shortlisted feature documentary “The Ivory Game”.
Before joining TMFS, he was a key member on many projects for international broadcasters like the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, WNET, ORF-UNIVERSUM, France5, ZDF, NDR etc.

His experience in film making not only covers documentaries: he also produced video clips for Queen, Falco etc. and worked on TV-Series like “Inspector Rex” and feature films like “Funny Games” by Michael Haneke.
Wolfgang brings his flair and creativity to his work. He is able to advise and recommend on every aspect of production: be it complex post production routes, or moving a film crew through some of the remotest and toughest places on Earth.

Daniela Loidl - Production Assistant

Daniela Loidl

Production Assistant, Specialist Factual

As Production Assistant, Daniela works directly with the Head of Specialist Factual, Sabine Holzer. The main focus of her day-to-day work is the exchange of information with ServusTV, the German-language free TV channel of the Red Bull Media House, and with TMFS production partners worldwide. She monitors incoming and outgoing materials, ensuring content is delivered on time.
Before she started with TMFS she worked within TV production environment for seven years, having worked at ORF, Austria’s public service broadcaster.

Aldo Metzelaar

Head of Production

Aldo is the production and finance wizard of TMFS. As Head of Production at TMFS, he is responsible for  finance and production of TMFS programs, working closely together with the editorial staff and (inter)national partners.

He was born in the Netherlands and has 30 years of experience in international television, having worked for various Dutch broadcasters and both Dutch and Austrian film production companies. He has worked on major live events and pre-recorded productions as Production Manager and Line Producer, has a wide range of international experience and multilingual skills.

Toni Nemeth

Production Manager

Toni is one of our Production Managers at Terra Mater Factual Studios, working closely with both the Specialist Factual and the Factual Entertainment & Format Development departments. Combining experience and intuition, Toni always makes sure that content, organisational and financial matters during our productions are streamlined.

His love for facing new challenges never stops, even after 25 years in television. Over the course of his career, he has produced more than 12,000 broadcasting minutes shot all around the globe, making him one of the most experienced production managers in the field of premium nature and science documentaries in Austria. A passionate mountain biker, Toni’s used to never giving up – because forward is the only way to go.

Sarah Nörenberg

Producer, Features & Special Projects

As a producer, Sarah combines ambition, determination and efficiency with her creativity and enthusiasm. She tackles problems with her lateral thinking and enjoys coming up with innovative solutions. Factual or fictional, feature or series, Sarah takes on the task and works closely with the directing department on the realisation of productions.

Before she joined Terra Mater Factual Studios, Sarah worked her way up freelancing and self-taught. Wrapping shoots from Alaska to Namibia as Field Producer, Production Manager and Producer for various documentary films, TV-Drama and feature films. Gaining experience in the direction department as 1st AD, helped her to identify the creative needs of a production more closely. Wanting to realise projects that have an impact – this is what led her to join TMFS’ Features & Special Projects Department in October 2017. Sarah’s professional career also includes lecturing on film production at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

Eva Pellet (on maternity leave)

Production Coordinator

While on maternity leave, please get in touch with Tina Kierlinger.

Eva is a real all-round talent. She supports the Production Team as Production Coordinator initiating film shootings and handling all aspects of Post Production.
Prior to that, Eva worked on a variety of feature films with responsibilities in festival management, reporting, film premieres and educational screenings. TMFS benefits from Eva’s many areas of expertise in film distribution & marketing as well as project & event management. Eva holds an M.A. degree in Theatre, Film and Media and is pleased to combine her interests with this placement at TMFS.

Monika Reisinger - Assistant to CEO

Monika Reisinger (on sabbatical)

Production Assistant

After four years as Assistant to CEO Walter Köhler, Monika joined the production team of Features & Special Projects Department.
Monika has over ten years experience of working as an assistant in different head offices at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and after that she worked four years for the ORF Natural History Unit. She lived six months in Costa Rica, three months in Rome and has a certificate in Higher Latin American Studies, Vienna, and in Higher Education in Administration and Management, ESA, Vienna, as well as language certificates from the Chamber of Commerce in London and from Madrid. She loves to travel round the world and is highly interested in photography, foreign cultures and art.