Terra Mater Factual Studios

Terra Mater Factual Studios’ (TMFS) commitment to the highest production values results in premium factual programming for TV and theatrical release. TMFS’ core genres are nature, science and history presented in blue-chip primetime series and specials. The Austrian production company also brings together a wide array of genres and styles to create exciting new factual and entertainment formats. And for the big screen TMFS produce stories that are highly relevant and strongly rooted in reality: from the classical feature doc to wild drama, where nature plays the main role, further on to fiction films, where real stories are the matrix for our scripts.

TMFS collaborate with the best producers, cameramen and directors worldwide and use the latest cutting-edge equipment to make their cinematic dreams come true.

There are three key ingredients that make TMFS productions a unique viewing experience:

Visual Excellence:
Images are more powerful than words in conveying strong emotions and surprising insights. Fascinating cinematography and unconventional editing set us apart.

Innovative Technology:
TMFS embrace state-of-the art recording technologies, from super-slow motion to super-time-lapse to reveal Nano-second events and processes normally invisible to the naked eye. Images generated by electron microscopes and computer animation explore the wonders of the microcosm. Special cameras turn night into day. Endoscopes and medical scanners take the viewer inside living organisms. And HDTV is enhanced by a new dimension – 4K at its best.

Amazing Storytelling:
TMFS use the dramatic narration dynamics of the feature film to tell real stories while upholding the principles of factual programming. Our filmmakers are passionate about our world; telling stories written by life.