Terra Mater Factual Studios


We at Terra Mater Factual Studios truly believe that we have to take responsibility for our planet. Shaping our everyday-live and -work according to sustainable values is crucial to every single one in our team. And as a company it is fundamental for us to do this in a clearly defined and transparent way.

We not only want to inspire with our films, but also with our way of making films – a green and sustainable path to enjoy nature frame by frame. We have to constantly rethink the production of our films and projects and which impact they have on the environment to safeguard our planet.

By now, we have already taken the following steps to be a part of the solution and to create a better tomorrow:

  • Green Producing: We are restructuring business and especially productions, to reduce emissions as much as possible, for example by rethinking mobility. We have been working together with experienced Green Consultants to help set up our green producing strategy. By connecting with partners, who want to have a more sustainable and green film future as well, we are developing an even louder voice for change.
  • Impact Producing & Green Storytelling: We think it is especially important to help change mindsets with our feature documentaries. “The Ivory Game”, “Sea of Shadows” and “The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness” have been combined with science-based impact campaigns to achieve the following:

    The Ivory Game

    • convinced state leaders to ban nationwide ivory trade.
    Sea of Shadows

    • 600 additional Marines deployed to Vaquita Refuge in Mexico
    • 20+ arrests of traffickers 
    • 156K followers across social platforms 
    • 170Mill+ USD in illegal swimbladder confiscated 
    • 98.2K petition signatures on www.change.org   
    • 100+ filmfestivals and impact screenings 
    The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness

    • 105K worldwide online audience
    • 15 mill visitors to website prior film release
    • 6.3 mill letters to protest oil and gas drilling (largest public comment response in US History)
    • 5 mill gen z youth participated in the democratic process around public land management
    • International media coverage on The Today Show, The New York Times, Channel 4, and ABC prior to film release
  • In early 2021 we got the Ökobusiness Certification for our Company, a program of the city of Vienna to support businesses to reduce their environmental impacts by setting up reduction goals for the next three years.