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The Ivory Game

Cast & Crew


Production Company: A Netflix Documentary
Terra Mater Factual Studios
Vulcan Productions
in association with
Malaika Pictures
in association with
Appian Way
(in order of appearance):
Directed by: Richard Ladkani &
Kief Davidson
Elisifa Ngowi Produced by: Walter Köhler
Craig Millar Producer: Kief Davidson
Andrea Crosta Producer: Wolfgang Knöpfler
Hongxiang Huang Edited by: Verena Schönauer
Ofir Drori Director of Photography: Richard Ladkani
Ian Craig
Georgina Kamanga
Location Sound: Roland Winkler
Music by: H. Scott Salinas
Executive Producers: Leonardo DiCaprio
Jennifer Davisson
Executive Producers: Joanne Reay
Dinah Czezik-Müller
Executive Producers: Paul G. Allen
Carole Tomko
Jody Gottlieb
Executive Producers: Adam Del Deo
Jason Spingarn-Koff
Lisa Nishimura


Very Special Thanks

… to the whistleblowers  and undercover investigators who cannot be named

The Wildlife Justice Commission
Olivia Swaak Goldman
Sam Muller
Pauline Verheij

The NTSCIU / The PAMS Foundation
Elisifa Ngowi
Wayne Lotter
Krissie Clark

Big Life Foundation
Nick Brandt
Richard & Tara Bonham
Craig Millar
Jeremy Goss

Northern Rangelands Trust
Ian & Jane Craig

LEWA Wildlife Conservancy
Mike Watson

Elephant Action League / WildLeaks
Gilda Moratti
Andrea Crosta

Conservation Lower Zambezi
Ian Stevenson

Alex Hofford

Kenya Wildlife Service
Richard Leakey

Tsavo Trust
Richard Moller

The EAGLE Network
Vincent Opyene
Ofir Drori

Alexander Rhodes

Save the Elephants
Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Frank Pope
David Daballen

Environmental Investigation Agency
Mary Rice

Tusk Trust
Charlie Mayhew
Sarah Watson

Amboseli Trust for Elephants
Cynthia Moss
Vicki Fishlock
Norah Njiraini

Zambia Wildlife Authority
Kampamba A. Kombe
Georgina Kamanga

Global Eye
Fiachra Kearney

Dr. Jane Goodall
Sam Wasser
Eric-Andrew Smutny