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A film unlike any you have seen before
Blending actual news and documentary footage 

Cast & Crew

Solomon Fell: Peter Fonda Production Company: Terra Mater Factual Studios
Lazarus Fell: Travis Fimmel Tomcat Productions
The Terrorist: Michael Desante Finger Films Inc.
Executive Producer: Joanne Reay
Producer: Walter Köhler
Thomas Feldkircher
Co Producer: Paul Finelli
Joe Germinaro
Script & Director: Paul Finelli
Camera: Tom Erhart
Costume: Cinzia Cioffi
Make-up: Bernhard Klinglmair
Sound: Peter V. Meiselmann
Gaffer: Kim Jerrett
Production Design: Patrick Steve Müller
VFX Producer: Christian Vollenhofer


Kindly supported by the provincial government of Niederösterreich.